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ECIS 2017 Best Poster Prize Winners

(sponsored by Elsevier)

  • Preparation of elastic noisome by polyglycerol fatty acids and skin penetration property
    Takeshi Misono
    Nikkol Group Cosmos Technical Center CO, Tokio, Japan

  • Fundamentals of Nanotoxicity: Interactions between Nanoparticles and Cell Membranes
    Laura J. Fox
    University of Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nb2O5 Mesostructures with Tunable Morphology and Their Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
    Carmen Cavallo
    Chalmers University Technology, Sweden

  • Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Supercrystals and Metamolecules
    Christoph Hanske
    CIC BiomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain

  • New chitosan-based microgels for internal wound healing therapies
    Sarah Michel
    University of Bristol, United Kingdom

  • From the left: Rob van Daalen, Luciano Galantini (for Carmen Cavallo), Laura Fox, Christoph Hanske, Takeshi Misono, Sarah Michel, and Piotr Warszynski

(sponsored by Soft Matter)

  • Photomodulation of bacterial growth and biofilm formation using carbohydrate-based surfactants
    Weinyue Zou
    RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Mimicking a lotus leaf ultra hydrophobicity at home: a facile method to prepare mechanically durable superhydrophobic titanium
    Alexander B. Tesler
    Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

  • Colloidal self-propelled rotators
    Daniel Ten Napel
    Utrecht University, The Netherlands

(sponsored by MDPI-Polymers)

  • Mechanical characterization and adhesion properties of microcapsules
    Inga Melnyk
    Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany

  • Functionalized nanocellulose for epithelial regeneration
    Irene Anton
    ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain

  • From left to right: Enrique Lopéz Cabarcos, Piotr Warszynski, Irene Anton, and Inga Melnyk