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Organizing Committee

Jarl B. Rosenholm (Åbo Akademi University)
Björn Lindman (Lund University)
Per Stenius (Helsinki University of Technology)

Scientific Committee

R. Aveyard
J. Appell
E. Candau
N. V. Churaev
M. Corti
V. Degiorgio
O. Glatter
K. Holmberg
S. Hvidt
V. A. Kabanov
D. Langevin
H. Lekkerkerker
P. Schurtenberger
J. Sjöblom
C. Solans

Scientific Sessions

    Properties of microemulsion systems

    Structure and interactions in thin films

    Biocolloids and vesicles

    Structure and interactions in dispersions

    Polymers at solid interfaces

    Polymers in solutions

Plenary Lectures

R. Buscall
E Leermakers
B. Lindman
H. Möhwald

Invited Speakers

L. Bergström
R. Denoyel
H. E. Gaub
R. Horn
H.-J. Jacobasch
J. Laine
R. G. Laughlin
J. Peltonen
L. Piculell
I. Talmon
R. K. Thomas
T. Zemb

Trends in Colloid and Interface Science XI

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