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Conference Full Program


Monday - Oral Sessions
PL 1 Sam Safran - Lipid mixtures and the stability of membrane and cellular rafts (view the PDF)

KN A. Zaccone - Shear- induced solidification of dilute colloidal suspensions: the ambiguous role of shear (view the PDF)

KN P. Lo Nostro - Hofmeister effects in water-free systems: the solubility of salts in ethylene carbonate (view the PDF)

KN D. Gardini - Colloidal Approach coupled with Spray-Drying Technique as for Nanostructuring (view the PDF)

A. Burmistrova - Electric field behaviour of LC suspensions based on rod- shaped pigment particles (view the PDF)

M. Sztucki - Probing the Counterion Distribution in Charged Soft Matter Systems by Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (view the PDF)

R. Alvarez-Puebla - Optically encoded colloids for bio-applications (view the PDF)

J. Causse - Study of solubilization of tributylphosphate in surfactant aqueous solutions: Evidences of micellar conformation changes (view the PDF)

J. Faraudo - The hydrophobic effect induces ionic specificity and charge inversion in colloids (view the PDF)

N.Pazos-Perez - Controlling inter-Nanoparticle Coupling: Highly uniform SERS substrates of plasmonic colloids (view the PDF)

C. Charbonneau - pH controlled dynamics of physical hydrogels: from out-equilibrium solids to equilibrium fluids (view the PDF)

E. Leontidis - Specific anion adsorption on dodecyl phosphocholine micelles (view the PDF)

R. Bordes - Surface active silica sols (view the PDF)

M. Moyá - Physicochemical characterization of di- bromide dimeric surfactants with phenyl and cyclohexyl rings in the head group (view the PDF)

J. Schneider - Sonoluminescence of trivalent lanthanides triggered by single and multi-bubble cavitation (view the PDF)

B.J. Ravoo - Stimulus responsive adhesion of vesicles (view the PDF)

L. Daubersies - Confined drying of polymer solutions (view the PDF)

H. Motschmann - Addressing the mechanism of ion specific effects (view the PDF)

G. Caminati - Nanofabrication of mesoporous architectures for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) (view the PDF)

KN B. Raether - Sustainability – Driver for Amphiphilic Systems Research (view the PDF)

KN M. Borkovec - The Multi- Particle Colloidal Probe Technique (view the PDF)

KN S. Bárány - Flocculation of dispersions by polyelectrolyte mixtures (view the PDF)

G. Findenegg - Surface- induced self-assembly of surfactants in nanopores (view the PDF)

P. Kralchevsky - Hydration force due to the reduced screening of the electrostatic repulsion in few-nanometre-thick films (view the PDF)

St. Schmidt - Preparation of Calcium Carbonate Templated Protein Microparticles and Identification of Material Parameters (view the PDF)

J. Almeida - Gemini surfactants as membrane modulators (view the PDF)

G. Koper - Synthesis of Magnetic Noble Metal (Nano)Particles (view the PDF)

J. Chong - High Throughput Study to Evaluate Steric Stabiliser for Cubic Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

L. Ionov - Soft microorigami: self-folding polymer films (view the PDF)

K. Wojciechowski - Anion- specificity at the water-air interface probed with Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TRXF) (view the PDF)

Ch. Sauerbeck - Probing colloidal interfaces by angle- resolved second harmonic light scattering (view the PDF)

Y. Lu - Polymeric Colloids as ÒNanoreactorsÓ for the Immobilization of Metal Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

J. Zhao - Effect of matrix modification on interfacial adhesion of glass fibre reinforced poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite (view the PDF)

Zh. Fan - Anisotropic Responsive Microgels via Guided Self-Assembly and Inter-Particle Crosslinking (view the PDF)

KN L. Piculell - Phase diagrams come alive! Equilibrium phase diagrams rationalize results of chemical reactions in surfactant systems (view the PDF)

KN D. Danino - Unraveling the Mechanism of Nanotube Formation by Chiral Self- Assembly of Amphiphiles (view the PDF)

KN A. Laschewsky - Designing Novel Giant Surfactants from Amphiphilic Block Copolymer "Bottle-Brushes" (view the PDF)

L. Romsted - Balance-of- Forces Controlling Surfactant Mesophase Structures and their Transitions: Hydration and Specific Ion Interactions (view the PDF)

F. Laredj-Bourezg - Biocompatible and biodegradable emulsions stabalized with organic solid particles (view the PDF)

P. van Rijn - Self-assembled membranes from bionanoparticle-polymer conjugates (view the PDF)

A. Walther - Biomimetic Materials via Self-Assembly of Core-Shell Colloids (view the PDF)

F. Ortega - Charged microparticles trapped at interfaces. Equilibrium and dynamics and their use as microrheology tracers (view the PDF)

D. Harries - Tailoring DLVO theory to predict the stability of nanoparticles in aqueous solutions (view the PDF)

R. Ramsch - Branched-chain glycolipids – versatile and biocompatible amphiphiles for new drug carrier systems (view the PDF)

K. Gawlitza - Structural investigations of p-NIPAM hydrogels and immobilization of enzymes into these hydrogel particles by solvent exchange (view the PDF)

J. Courtois - Probing colloidal complexes formation made of oppositely charged copolymer and surfactant or nanoparticle by isothermal titration calorimetry (view the PDF)

K. Kanie - Phospholipids with a Thermotropic Liquid- Crystalline Moiety to Develop Stimuli-Responsive Active Membrane (view the PDF)

O. Glatter - Structural Transformations During Fat Digestion (view the PDF)

J. Kaiser - Studies on Gold- Palladium Nanoalloys Stabalized on Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes (view the PDF)

Monday - Poster Session 1
Topic 4: Particles, Nanoparticles, Capsules, Dispersions (first part)
Musial, Witold: The effect of low process temperature on the hydrodynamic radius of polyNIPAM-co-PEG thermosensitive nanoparticles for protein binding (
view the PDF)

Musial, Witold: The insight into characteristics of polyNIPAM-co-PEG nanodispersion by conductometric measurements in the course of extraction-purification (view the PDF)

Muthig, Michael: Model Selection in Indirect Fourier Transform Methods (view the PDF)

Nakaya, Masafumi: Synthesis of zinc blend (CdMn)S nanoparticles with control of composition and size (view the PDF)

Nattich-Rak, Malgorzata: Fibrinogen monolayers on mica studied via the Streaming Potential and Colloid Deposition Methods (view the PDF)

Negro, Emanuela: Bicontinuous microemulsion as reaction media for the synthesis of Multimetallic Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Neubauer, Martin Peter: Force Spectroscopy on Spider Silk Particles (view the PDF)

Nowicki, Waldemar: Elasticity of a single polymer bridge between nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Oberdisse, Julian: Reinforcement and polymer mobility in model nanocomposites of controlled structure (view the PDF)

Orban, Sebastian: Characterization and Investigation of the pH dependent Poly(acrylacid)/Porphyrin complex formation (view the PDF)

Pál, Edit: Raspberry-, and prism-like ZnO nanoparticles and ZnO-In(OH)3 nanocomposites prepared by hydrothermal method (view the PDF)

Paques, Jerome: Alginate capsules gelled with CaCl2 nanoparicles (view the PDF)

Pazos-Pérez, Nicolas: Silver coated aluminium microrods as highly colloidal stable SERS platforms (view the PDF)

Pekar, Miloslav: Interactions between hyaluronan and CTAB studied by fluorescence spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Petzold, Gudrun: Sticky removal from wastewater characterized by dynamic surface tension measurements (view the PDF)

Pihan, Sascha: Nanowear in a nanoparticle reinforced polymer (view the PDF)

Plotniece, Aiva: Self-assembling compounds on base of amphiphilic 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives: studies of biological properties and characterisation of their formed nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Puretskiy, Nikolay: Synthesis and some properties of polymer brushes covered robust raspberry-like particles (view the PDF)

Rabe, Christian: Structural Investigations of Core-Multishell Nanoparticles – First results from small angle scattering experiments (view the PDF)

Ramsch, Roland: New Approach for the Encapsulation of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles in a Biocompatible Polymer (view the PDF)

Rata-Aguilar, Azahara: Physicochemical characterization of polyplexes based on low molecular weight poly(beta-amino esters) (view the PDF)

Richter, Marcel: Determination of viscoelastic properties of adsorbed thermo responsive gel particles via AFM tip indentation (view the PDF)

Riemer, Sven: Synthesis and study of the aggregation behavior of block-copolymers (view the PDF)

Rommerskirchen, Renke: Phthalimidoylamino acid-based UV-sensitive surfactants and their use in droplet and bicontinuous microemulsion polymerization (view the PDF)

Rubio-Retama, Jorge: Synthesis of Thermosensitive Microgels with Tunable Magnetic Core (view the PDF)

Sabatino, Paolo: Determination of the enclosed volume of DODAC vesicular dispersions by means of NMR diffusiometry and T2 relaxometry (view the PDF)

Sabín, Juan: Studying the formation of stable clusters in liposomic systems using light scattering techniques (view the PDF)

Sadeghpour, Amin: Charging and stability behavior of colloidal particles in presence of weak polyelectrolytes (view the PDF)

Schäferhans, Jana: Novel procedure to prepare porous Al-Cu alloys by ultrasound for dehydrogenation of propane at low temperatures (view the PDF)

Schenderlein, Matthias: Multifunctional polymer micro- and nanocontainers used as active feedback protection in anti-fouling coatings (view the PDF)

Scherzinger, Christine: Cononsolvency of core-shell microgels (view the PDF)

Schillén, Karin: Composite self-assembled aggregates of polyion- surfactant ion complex salts and nonionic surfactants (view the PDF)

Schmid, Andreas: Zwitterionic Microgels: Synthesis and Characterization (view the PDF)

Schmidt, Jochen: Colloidal interactions in non-polar environment studied by optical tweezers and atomic force microscopy (view the PDF)

Schürings, Marco-Philipp: Guided Self-Assembly of Microgels: From Particle Array to Anisotropic Nanostructures (view the PDF)

Schwarz, Simona: Rheological properties and sedimentation behaviour of calcium carbonate and china clay dispersions (view the PDF)

Schwarz, Simona: Nanostructured architectures based on weak polyions (view the PDF)

Serrano-Ruiz, David: Poly(ethyleneglycol-ε-caprolactone)@Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Drug Delivery System (view the PDF)

Shironina, Anastasia: Dividing of protein fractions by the method of electrophoresis (view the PDF)

Simo, Anne: The Growth Process of the Complex Metal Functionalized Glass System by Small Angle X-ray Scattering (view the PDF)

Simo, Anne: Silver Nanoparticle Formation in Complex Metal Functionalized Glasses (view the PDF)

Skirtach, Andre: Nanoparticles as active absorption centres on flat surfaces and spherical microcapsules (view the PDF)

Skrivele, Baiba: Studies of properties and stability of nanoparticles formed by self-assembling amphiphilic pyridinium compound (view the PDF)

Sobisch, Titus: Characterization of protein induced flocculation of silica nanoparticles by analytical centrifugation (view the PDF)

Sobisch, Titus: Comparative characterization of magnetic nanodispersions (view the PDF)

Sobisch, Titus: Screening for colloidal stabilization and flocculation (view the PDF)

Sobisch, Titus: Colloidal characterization of silica iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles modified for gene delivery (view the PDF)

Spalla, Olivier: Anisotropy of gold nanorods: the input of scattering (X-ray and neutrons) techniques (view the PDF)

Sperling, Marcel: Particles from colloidal Materials (view the PDF)

Stegelmeier, Corinna: Assembling wormlike micelles into mesoporous membranes (view the PDF)

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Functional nanocapsules for targeted drug delivery (view the PDF)

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films with antimicrobial properties (view the PDF)

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Polyelectrolyte nanocapsules containing MBT inhibitor for corrosion protection of AA2014 alloys (view the PDF)

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof Targeted delivery system for therapy of schizophrenia (view the PDF)

Szilagyi, Istvan: A Generic Molecular Mass Dependence of Polyelectrolytes Adsorbing on Particles (view the PDF)

Tang, Fu: Conjugated Polymer-Ag@SiO2 Hybrid Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Application to Cellular Imaging (view the PDF)

Thiermann, Raphael: Continuous Synthesis of Polymersomes in Micromixers (view the PDF)

Trefalt, Gregor: Designing Aqueous TiO2 Suspensions for the Use in Ink-Jet Printing Technology (view the PDF)

van Berkum, Susanne: Magnetic hydrogels with chemically bound nanoparticles (view the PDF)

van Leeuwen, Youri Mikal: Unexpected colloidal stability in an aggregating system: stability of colloidal pyrophosphates (view the PDF)

van Leeuwen, Youri Mikal: Morphology of colloidal metal pyrophosphate salts (view the PDF)

Varga, Imre: Preparation of Monodisperse Poly(N- isopropylacrylamide) Microgel Particles with Homogenous Crosslink Density Distribution (view the PDF)

Varga, Imre: Formation of non-aggregated polyelectrolyte complexes (view the PDF)

Villari, Valentina: Supramolecular polymers: Interaction potential effect or concentration-dependent polymerization? (view the PDF)

Wedel, Bastian: Particle evolution of microgels based on acrylamide derivatives (view the PDF)

Wolter, Nonio: Adhesive polymersomes (view the PDF)

Worsch, Peter M.: GI-SAXS with highest precision performed on a standard lab system (view the PDF)

Wuithschick, Maria: Parameter Dependent Studies as Essential Requirement for the Size Control of Metal Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Yao, Hiroshi: Porphyrin nanoparticles with induced optical activity (view the PDF)

Yιldιz, Salih: Amperometric xanthine biosensor based on deposition gold on polyvinylferrocene film coated Pt electrode (view the PDF)

Zavisova, Vlasta: Adsorption of bovine serum albumin on magnetic nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Zhao, Jie: Preparation of functional inkjet inks for multi- functionalization of fabrics: I. Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles with silane coupling agent (view the PDF)

Zumbuehl, Andreas: Synthesis and Applications of Artificial Phospholipids (view the PDF)

Altιn, Burcu: Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Based Functional Nanoparticles for Multi-Purpose Applications (view the PDF)

Monday - Poster Session 1
Topic 5: Structure and Rheology of Colloidal Systems
Aidarova, Saule: Effect of polyelectrolyte molecular weight to the dilational rheology of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complex at the water/oil interface (
view the PDF)

Aksenenko, Eugene: Rheology and dynamics of protein adsorption layers – a computation-based approach (view the PDF)

Auernhammer, Günter K.: Colloidal aggregates tested via nanoindentation and simultaneous 3D imaging (view the PDF)

Bergström, Magnus: Investigating the micelle-to-bilayer transition in surfactant mixtures (view the PDF)

Chevigny, Chloe: Substrate influence on the structure and properties of polyelectrolytes multilayers (view the PDF)

Chiappisi, Leonardo: Chitosan and Oppositely Charged Alkyl Ethoxy Carboxylates Mixtures: Structure, Dynamics and Thermodynamics (view the PDF)

Chytil, Martin: Investigation of protonated L-Lysine and 6-Aminocaproic acid with hyaluronan (view the PDF)

Curschellas, Corina: Relaxation of Polyglycerol Ester Covered Air-Water Interfaces after Large Deformations (view the PDF)

De Michele, Cristiano: Scaling between Structural Relaxation and Particle Caging in a Model Colloidal Gel (view the PDF)

Di Giuseppe, Erika: Rheological and Mechanical properties of Hard- Sphere Silica Colloids: from liquid Newtonian to brittle behaviour (view the PDF)

Dias, Rita: Segregation Effects in Confined Colloidal Mixtures (view the PDF)

Elmahdy, Mahdy: Compression and lateral forces within single pairs of DNA-grafted colloids (view the PDF)

Erol, Ozlem: Effect of surface properties on electrorheological response of hematite/silicone oil dispersions (view the PDF)

Escalante, José I.: Effect of electrolyte and counterion hydrophilicity on the macroscopic properties of dilute micellar solutions (view the PDF)

Filippov, Anatoly: Asymmetric current-voltage curves of nanocomposite membranes (view the PDF)

Fischer, Birgit: Bond-order in hard sphere glasses tracked by coherent X-rays (view the PDF)

Gentile, Luigi: On the instability of the MLVs under shear rate in C12E5/D2O system (view the PDF)

Gutsche, Christof: Micro-rheology on (polymer-grafted) colloids using optical tweezers (view the PDF)

Guzmán, Eduardo: Interfacial Properties of Mixed Palmitic Acid-Silica Nanoparticles Systems (view the PDF)

Hoffmann, Heinz: Hydrogels from Phosphocholin (view the PDF)

Hsiao, Lilian: Direct visualization of strain-induced yielding in colloidal gels (view the PDF)

Illa, Ramakanth: Phase behavior of Cetylpyridinium chloride gels in binary solvent mixtures (view the PDF)

Jankunec, Marija: The phase behavior of aqueous soy phosphatidylcholine/ glycerol dioleate mixtures (view the PDF)

Javadian Farzaneh, Soheila: Aggregation behavior and intermicellar interactions of cationic gemini surfactants: Effects of alkyl chain, spacer lengths and temperature (view the PDF)

Kamada, Miho: A Clear Lamellar Gel Formation with a Large Amount of Solubilization of Water (view the PDF)

Khavari, Adele: Structure Dynamics of Alginate Systems (view the PDF)

Klee, Andreas: Microemulsions Formed by a Magnetic Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (MRTIL) – Is the Structure Tunable by a Magnetic Field? (view the PDF)

Kocherbitov, Vitaly: Effect of dehydration on properties of colloidal systems (view the PDF)

Krägel, Jürgen: Shear rheology of mixed silica particle-surfactant systems at the water/oil interface (view the PDF)

Krägel, Jürgen: Bulk rheology of surfactant particles mixtures (view the PDF)

Lajovic, Andrej: Local ordering of simple organic liquids in the nanometre range (view the PDF)

Lattuada, Marco: Colloidal Aggregates Breakage Kinetics from Stokesian Dynamics Simulations (view the PDF)

López García, Susana: Different kinetic behaviours for hydrolysis reactions in non-ionic micelles and IL/w microemulsions (view the PDF)

Malo de Molina, Paula: Telechelic star polymer-microemulsion networks: Structure and Dynamics (view the PDF)

Medronho, Bruno: Planar Lamellae and Onions: A Spatially Resolved Rheo-NMR Approach to the Phase Transformations in a Surfactant Model System (view the PDF)

Micciulla, Samantha: Effect of molecular weight and its asymmetry on the formation of polyelectrolyte multilayers (view the PDF)

Mohammadi, Mansur S.: Decoupling viscosity from 3D (Dispensing, Dispersing, Dissolving) in colloidal systems (view the PDF)

Moussa Ragueh, Deka: Multilevel structure of reinforcing precipitated silica: A study based on small angle X-ray scattering techniques (view the PDF)

Olutaş, Elif Berna: Salt effect on micellization and adsorption properties of some partially fluorinated surfactants in aqueous solution (view the PDF)

Popig, Jens: Synthesis of Gradient Copolymers of Polystyrene/Polyacrylic Acid and Their Aggregation Behaviour in Aqueous Solution (view the PDF)

Rodríguez- Dafonte, Pedro: Metal-Ligand Reactions in Ionic Liquid Microemulsions 219 116 Sabadini, Edvaldo Thermal-Stability of Mixed Giant Micelles (view the PDF)

Sankaranaraya- nan, Kamatchi: Stability and structure of myoglobin in amino acid ionic liquid phase: Role of viscosity in self assembly processes (view the PDF)

Satoh, Akira: Lattice Boltzmann simulations of a magnetic suspension by means of the viscosity-modifying method (view the PDF)

Schmidt, Claudia: Aqueous gels of surfactant/fatty alcohol mixtures as seen by NMR spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Schulze, Nicole: Polyampholyte modified lamellar liquid crystalline systems (view the PDF)

Sedlácek, Petr: Reactivity of biopolymers as observed by simple diffusion experiments (view the PDF)

Shah, Aayush: Assembly of Colloidal Rods by Means of DC Electric Fields (view the PDF)

Sturcová, Adriana: Micellization of modified Pluronic block copolymers: polymer-water interactions and charge formation (view the PDF)

Tomsic, Matija: Exploring effects accompanying linear temperature- ramp in multispeckle DLS (view the PDF)

Unal, Halil Ibrahim: Electrokinetic and electrorheological properties of polyindole/TiO2 colloidal dispersions prepared in the presence of surfactant (view the PDF)

Valiente, Mercedes: Phase and Rheological Behaviour of LSB and Brij-35 in Water and Branched Alcohol Media (view the PDF)

Wenzl, Jennifer: Confocal imaging of shear deformation in aggregated colloidal systems (view the PDF)

Willenbacher, Norbert: Mixed wormlike micelles of cationic surfactants: effect of the co-surfactant chain length on the bending elasticity and rheological properties (view the PDF)

Willenbacher, Norbert: Particle configurations and gelation in capillary suspensions (view the PDF)

Yuno-Ohta, Naoko: β-Casein aids in the Formation of a Sodium Caprate– induced β-Lactoglobulin B Gel (view the PDF)

Zerball, Maximilian: Effect of substrate on the formation of polyelectrolytes multilayers (view the PDF)

Topic 6: Bioinspired Materials
Bazylińska, Urszula: Biological response of oil core-polyelectrolyte shell nanocapsules (
view the PDF)

Berti, Debora: Structural and Dynamical properties of lipid-DNA assemblies and interaction with model membranes (view the PDF)

Berts, Ida: Neutron reflectivity studies on grafted hyaluronic acid polymer (view the PDF)

Birlik Demirel, Gökçen Photocontrollable DNA Hybridization on Reversibly Photoresponsive Surfaces (view the PDF)

Brezesinski, Gerald: Binding Studies of Model DNA to New Lipids Designed for Gene Transfection (view the PDF)

Castelletto, Valeria: Tuning the Self-Assembly of the Bioactive Dipeptide L-Carnosine by Incorporation of a Bulky Aromatic Substituent (view the PDF)

Ciani, Laura: Resveratrol loaded liposome: a strategy for delivering natural antioxidants (view the PDF)

Dékány, Imre: Immobilization of amino acids and proteins on pure and modified gold surface using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) techniques (view the PDF)

Eiblmeier, Josef: Precipitation of Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs on microstructured substrates (view the PDF)

Füredi Milhofer, Helga: Organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings for metal implants (view the PDF)

Giustini, Mauro: Bacterial Reaction Centre incorporation into Janus dendrimerosomes (view the PDF)

Glatzel, Stefan: Magnetic iron carbides from readily available biopolymers (view the PDF)

Jouault, Nicolas: Dynamic combinatorial mesophases: selection of supramolecular self-assemblies through pH- modulation (view the PDF)

Klucáková, Martina: Interactions between hyaluronan and CTAB – ISE titration (view the PDF)

Kovacevic, Davor: Complexation of DNA with poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (view the PDF)

Krastev, Rumen: Polyelectrolyte multilayers as a tool for local drug delivery and controlled interaction with biological tissues (view the PDF)

Madaboosi, Narayanan: Microfluidics as a tool to understand build-up mechanism of polyelectrolyte multilayers and to pattern surfaces for tuning cell-surface interactions (view the PDF)

Makowski, Marcin Wet and sticky: single molecule bioadhesion in water (view the PDF)

Martin-Molina, Alberto: Effect of fluorinated cholesterol on the stability of lipoplexes made of DNA and cationic liposomes (view the PDF)

Monduzzi, Maura: Fast preparation and characterization of innovative cationic small liposomes (view the PDF)

Montis, Costanza: Nucleolipid-based DNA vectors: structural characterization and interaction with cell membrane model systems (view the PDF)

Negm, Nabel: New Schiff Base Cationic Surfactants: Surface and Thermodynamic Properties and Applicability in Bacterial Growth and Metal Corrosion Prevention (view the PDF)

Palazzo, Gerardo: Integration of phospholipid bilayer and biological membranes into OTFT reveals interactions with anaesthetics (view the PDF)

Pihl, Maria: Effects of implant surface coatings on bacterial adhesion (view the PDF)

Ramanaviciene, Almira: The effect of enzymatically synthesized polymer layer for amperometric glucose biosensor (view the PDF)

Rehbock, Christoph Synthesis of laser-generated gold nanomarkers by delayed bioconjugation (view the PDF)

Ristori, Sandra: Complexing a Small Interfering RNA with cationic micelles (view the PDF)

Sagalowicz, Laurent: Design of self assembly structures for optimal absorption of lipophilic nutrients via oral delivery (view the PDF)

Sakamoto, Seiichi: A fluorescent single domain antibody against plumbagin expressed in silkworm larvae for fluorescence-linked immunosorbent assay (Next- generation immunoassay using antibody) (view the PDF)

Schulz, Alexander: Mineral Capsules via Mineralization of Emulsions (view the PDF)

Soloveva, Daria: Polymer – lipase complexes as biomaterials (view the PDF)

Szyk-Warszyńska, Lilianna Biomimetic photoactive multilayers containing xanthopterin (view the PDF)

Uhlig, Katja: PEG-based thermo-responsive polymer surfaces for controlling cell adhesion (view the PDF)

Wilk, Kazimiera Anna: Fungal based synthesis of gold nanoparticles - an effect of culture conditions on the size of particles (view the PDF)

Xenakis, Aristotelis: Bioinspired microemulsions for transdermal administration of bioactive compounds: a comparative study (view the PDF)

Yordanov, Georgi: Development of poly(butyl cyanoacrylate) colloids as carriers for the antifungal drug econazole (view the PDF)

Zaitsev, Sergei: Application of the interfacial phenomenon to the biochemical diagnostics of the model systems and animal blood (view the PDF)

Topic 7: Surfactants and Sustainability
Babić-Ivancić, Vesna: Influence of the anionic and non-ionic surfactants on precipitation and transformation of the struvite to the newberyite (
view the PDF)

Bressel, Katharina: Kinetics of the formation of polymer modified vesicles studied with the SAXS-stopped-flow technique (view the PDF)

Bunio, Paulina: Interfacial properties and anti-electrostatic ability of new sorbyloyl-type quaternary ammonium single and gemini polymerizable surfactants (view the PDF)

Chevalier, Yves: Anionic surfactants with cationic cyclodextrin counterion (view the PDF)

Chevalier, Yves: Cationic surfactants based on chemically modified beta-cyclodextrins (view the PDF)

Drach, Mateusz: Molecular dynamics study of propyl gallate in SDS micelles (view the PDF)

Engelskirchen, Sandra: Activity and interfacial properties of enzymes in self- assembled reaction media (view the PDF)

Fanun, Monzer: Volumetric and Diffusion Properties of Water/Surfactant/n-Propanol/4-Allylanisole Micellar Systems (view the PDF)

Fauser, Heiko: Foaming and adsorption behavior of oppositely charged surfactant mixtures (view the PDF)

Feitosa, Eloi: Thermal behavior and stability of dialkyldimethylammonium bromide cationic vesicles studied by differential scanning calorimetry (view the PDF)

Förster, Anita: Microelectronics - Defect suppression in 193-nm lithography by using an anionic surfactant in the development process (view the PDF)

Klossek, Michael: Microemulsions with Renewable Feedstock Oils (view the PDF)

Kroflic, Ana: Thermodynamic investigation of micellization of zwitterionic detergent CHAPS: temperature, salt and pH dependence (view the PDF)

Krouská, Jitka: Surface tension of hyaluronan-surfactant systems (view the PDF)

Krstonosić, Veljko: Interaction of Polyacrylic acid (carbopol 940) Microgels with Sodium dodecylsulfate (view the PDF)

Milanovic, Jadranka: Viscosimetric and tensiometric investigations of interactions between gelatin and various surface active molecules (view the PDF)

Nakahara, Hiromichi: Effect of Added Salt Concentrations on Surface Adsorption of Typical Surfactants (view the PDF)

Nakahara, Hiromichi: Effects of Palmitic Acid on Pulmonary Surfactant Model Systems: A Langmuir Monolayer Study (view the PDF)

Narkiewicz- Michalek, Jolanta: Studies of Vitamin C Antioxidative Activity in the N- Oxide Surfactant Solutions (view the PDF)

Negm, Nabel: Environmentally Friend Nonionic Surfactants Derived From Tannic Acid: Synthesis, Characterization and Influence of Structure on the Surface Activity (view the PDF)

Nunes, Sandra: A Coarse-grained approach to the interaction of gemini surfactants with charged model membranes (view the PDF)

Obounou Akong, Firmin: Structural variation of original amphiphilic pseudopeptides : from supramolecular organogels to hydrogels (view the PDF)

Olutaş, Elif Berna Aggregation and antimicrobial properties of amino acid-based surfactants in aqueous solution (view the PDF)

Patitsa, Maria: An optical fiber sensor for on-line detection of the removal of fatty acid multilayer by surfactants (view the PDF)

Petrovic, Lidija: Conductometric investigation of the HPMC/SDS/ nonionic surfactant systems (view the PDF)

Rodríguez, Amalia: Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of alkanedyil-¥-¥-bis(dodecyldimethylammonium) bromide 12-s-12,2Br- surfactants (s=7,9,11) (view the PDF)

Rojas, Oscar: Gold nanoparticle formation in ionic liquids for biosensor applications (view the PDF)

Rojewska, Monika: Adsorption properties of binary mixtures containing quaternary derivatives of lysosomotropic substances (view the PDF)

Rukhadze, Marina: Influence of Caffeine on Pharmacokinetics of Micellar Drug Promethazine in rabbits (view the PDF)

Shibata, Osamu: Surface Property and Miscibility of a Partially Fluorinated Amphiphile (F4H11OH) with Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (view the PDF)

Skrzypczak, Andrzej: 1-Ethyl-3-alkoxymethylimidazolium 2,5- dihydroxybenzenesulfonates, synthesis and properties (view the PDF)

Skrzypczak, Andrzej: Synthesis and surface activity of cationic bis- imidazolium surfactants with selected amino acids anions (view the PDF)

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: The effect of toluene on micellar phase of SDS (view the PDF)

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: The investigation of Triterpenoid Glycosides Properties as surfactant (view the PDF)

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: Study of Novel Bolaforms and Compare with DTAB as Conventional Surfactant in Aqueous Solution (view the PDF)

Starov, Victor: Infra-red spectra of nonionic surfactants at hydrophobic solid/aqueous solution interface studied with FTIR-ATR (view the PDF)

Szymula, Marta: Studies of Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl Palmitate Electroactivity in the H2O/ACN(EtOH) Solutions Containing Surfactants (view the PDF)

Tominaga, Toshihiro: Partition coefficients and possible solubilization sites of phenylalkanols in zwitterionic micelles (view the PDF)

Wilk, Kazimiera Anna: New environmentally friendly dicephalic amine dichlorides; synthesis and adsorption (view the PDF)

Zemb, Thomas: Reverse micelles triggered by the nature of solutes: should the CMC concept be replaced by the LAC concept ? (view the PDF)

Zemb, Thomas: Weak aggregation of extractants in solvents induced by co-extracted species (view the PDF)

Topic 9: Specific ion effects
Bastos-González, Delfi: Charge Inversion on PNIPAM nanoparticles: Specific Ion Effects (
view the PDF)

Christoforou, Maria: The Effect of Hofmeister Ions on Phospholipid Monolayers (view the PDF)

Dragutan, Ileana: Effect of coordinated anions on the binding affinity of procaine drugs to model membranes, monitored by ESR spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Duignan, Timothy: Accurate effective ionic interaction potentials in water within the continuum solvent approximation (view the PDF)

Eslahian, Kyriakos Alexandros: Effect of Electrolyte Species and Concentration on the Soret Coefficient of Aqueous Dispersions observed by Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation (view the PDF)

Hou, Sheng-Shu: Effect of the hydrophilic ionic liquid on the interaction between poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and sodium dodecyl sulfate (view the PDF)

Kunz, Werner: Lidocaine Carboxylates – A New Class of Pharmaceutically Active, Surfactant-Like Ionic Liquids (view the PDF)

Lima, Filipe: 1H-NMR demonstrates that the surface of dodecyltrimethylammonium triflate is ordered (view the PDF)

Medda, Luca: Specific Ion effects on the Electrochemical Properties of Cytochrome c (view the PDF)

Mello, Renata: Calorimeric study of the interaction of DNA with cationic and neutral block co-polymers (view the PDF)

Parsons, Drew: Hofmeister reversal at high salt concentration: relationship to ionic dispersion forces, pH and charge reversal. (view the PDF)

Pereira, Rui: Effect of alkyl-based surfactant acidity and hydration on the multivalent-metal ion-surfactant interactions (view the PDF)

Pousaneh, Faezeh: Effect of ions on critical phenomena in confined binary mixture (view the PDF)

Požar, Josip: Thermodynamics of complexation of poly(styrene sulfonate) anion with poly(allylammonium) cation; the effect of ionic strength and electrolyte type (view the PDF)

Ridings, Christiaan: Charge distribution at the free surface of imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Effect of chain length and added water (view the PDF)

Rukhadze, Marina: Chromatographic Behavior of Some Organic Compounds via Reverse Microemulsion Liquid Chromatography (view the PDF)

Salis, Andrea: Specific ion effects on lysozyme adsorption on ordered mesoporous silica (view the PDF)

Semenov, Ilya: Electric field driven DNA-grafted colloids as studied by Single Colloid Electrophoresis (view the PDF)

Sievers, Torsten: Liquid-solid extraction of metallic cations by cationic amphiphiles (view the PDF)

Zemb, Thomas: Salts in reverse micelles in equilibrium with excess water phase: complexation versus long range interaction (view the PDF)

Tuesday – Oral Sessions
PL 2 Friedrich Kremer (Ostwald Prize) - Experiments with single colloids (
view the PDF)

KN C. Giordano - Cucinare Nano: classical and novel recipes for high performance nanostructured ceramics (view the PDF)

KN P. Baglioni - Nanocontainers for restoration and conservation of cultural heritage (view the PDF)

KN A.-L. Fameau - Smart Foams: Switching Reversibly between Ultrastable and Unstable Foams (view the PDF)

H. Nuss - Development of polymeric vesicles as bio- inspired mineralisation microreactors (view the PDF)

Th. Zemb - Salt-resilient Pickering emulsions stabilized by solid stacks of catanionic micro-crytals of controlled size and charge (view the PDF)

C. Curschellas - Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool to Characterize the Structure of Polyglycerol Ester Foam Films (view the PDF)

E. Karabulut - Layer-by-Layer films of carboxymethylated cellulose nanofibril/Dopamine hybrid conjugates (view the PDF)

J. Esquena - Macroporous solid foams obtained in highly concentrated Pickering emulsions stabilized with magnetic nanoparticles (view the PDF)

M. Laupheimer - Phase Behaviour of Gelled Bicontinuous Microemulsions Studied by UV/Vis and PFG NMR Spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Cs. Kotsmar - Mesh Size in Soft-Contact-Lens Hydrogels Using Shear Rheology and Solute Diffusion (view the PDF)

M. Laurenti - Anisotropic Triangular Nanoplates Synthesis Mediated by Lead and Cadmium (view the PDF)

G. Cado - From LbL to simultaneously sprayed polyanion/polycation polyelectrolyte nanoscale coatings (view the PDF)

G. Fritz-Popovski - The Hierarchical Structure of Wood Reproduced in Silica (view the PDF)

N. Ábrahám - Enhanced photoluminescence of ZnO films on gold coated glass by plasmonic coupling (view the PDF)

R. Berger - Colloids, Composites and Films on Nanomechancial Cantilevers (view the PDF)

M. Maas - A New Method for the Preparation of Mineralized Nanofibers (view the PDF)

M. Sanchez-Dominguez - Synthesis of mixed and doped cerium oxides by the oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method (view the PDF)

A. Ziegemeier - Humidity- tunable electronic conductivity of polyelectrolyte multilayers doped with Au-nanoparticles (view the PDF)

KN Th. Scheibel - Recombinant spider silk proteins: bio-inspired polymers for particles, films and more (view the PDF)

KN A. Delgado - Electrokinetic methods applied to the evaluation of energy extraction from water salinity differences (view the PDF)

KN G. Lazzara - Formation of Pseudorotaxanes and Micelles Supramolecular Assemblies Tuned by Selective Cyclodextrines (view the PDF)

R. Zimehl - From ivory and whalebone to bio inspired dental materials (view the PDF)

M. Oćwieja - Tuning silver particle monolayer structure and density via controlled adsorption-desorption processes (view the PDF)

L. Galantini - Stimuli responsive Bile Salt derivatives (view the PDF)

P. Bauduin - Hydration of sugar based surfactants under osmotic stress: a SAXS study (view the PDF)

A. Ramanavicius - Glucose and Ethanol Powered Biofuel Cells (view the PDF)

M. Hoffmann - Structure and Rheology of Thermoresponsive Colloidal Molecules (view the PDF)

Ph. Erni - Selective Coprecipitation of Polyphenols in Bioactive/Inorganic Complexes (view the PDF)

K. Bohinc - Interaction between charged surfaces induced by rod-like ions (view the PDF)

N. Willenbacher - Fluidization of highly concentrated colloidal dispersions by tailoring weak depletion attraction (view the PDF)

M. Chanana - Protein Coated Gold Nanoparticles: Bio- Inspired Multi-Responsive Plasmonic Nanomaterials (view the PDF)

M. Sedlá‡k - Self-assembly of thermoresponsive ion containing polymers into stable nanoparticles (view the PDF)

M. Jabnoun - Adsorption layers of surfactant mixtures on non-polar solid particles and stability of dispersions (view the PDF)

KN H. Schönherr - Liesegang Prize Winner - Surface nanobubbles on binary self- assembled monolayers with systematically varied wettability by atomic force microscopy (view the PDF)

KN A. Javadi - Studies of liquid-liquid interfacial properties under highly dynamic conditions (view the PDF)

KN W. Goedel - Preparation of microsieves - using sacrificial templates (view the PDF)

J. Gummel - Concentration dependent pathways in spontaneous self-assembly of unilamellar vesicles (view the PDF)

V. Starov - Kinetics of evaporation of liquid droplets (view the PDF)

L. Isa - Measuring single nanoparticle wetting properties (view the PDF)

R. Tuinier - Colloids and the depletion interaction. The legacy of Asakura and Oosawa (view the PDF)

J. Maldonado-Valderrama - An in-vitro digestion model with the pendant drop film balance (view the PDF)

E. Kooij - Directional wetting on chemically patterned substrates (view the PDF)

P. Holmqvist - Anisotropic structural response in LAOS measurements of colloidal platelets investigated by time resolved rheo-SAXS (view the PDF)

R. Sedev - Molecular-Kinetic Model of the Dynamic Contact Angle (view the PDF)

P. Papadopoulos - Imaging superhydrophobic surfaces by confocal microscopy (view the PDF)

S. Sennato - Polyelectrolyte- induced aggregation of liposomes: charge patch attraction and cluster phase formation (view the PDF)

E. Azzam - Enhancement the Inhibition Efficiency of Synthesized Polymeric Surfactants for carbon steel using silver nanoparticles (view the PDF)

C. Weber - Quantitative Experimental Studies of Homogeneous and Heterogenous Nucleation in Evaporating Films (view the PDF)

Tuesday – Poster Session 2
Topic 1: Dynamics of interfaces
Aidarova, Saule: The dynamic surface and interfacial tensions of polyallylamine hydrochloride/sodium dodecyl sulphate at water/hexane interfaces (
view the PDF)

Belova, Valentina: Control of cavitation at solid surfaces (view the PDF)

Boulogne, François: Coupling between Rayleigh-Plateau instability and drying process (view the PDF)

Brotchie, Adam: Characterising acoustic cavitation and its application in the preparation of novel nano- and micro- structures (view the PDF)

Chevallier, Eloise: Pumping-out photo-surfactants from an air-water interface using light (view the PDF)

Dan, Abhijit: Different Aspects of Polymer-Surfactant Interactions: A Critical Assessment of Their Interfacial and Bulk behaviors with Reference to Conformational Changes (view the PDF)

Erni, Philipp: Interfacial rheology meets compositional ripening: buckling instabilities on emulsion drops with mass transfer (view the PDF)

Førland, Geir Martin: Adsorption of phenol from decane solutions onto porous silica adsorbents (view the PDF)

Halacheva, Silviya: Towards the control of spontaneous multilayer formation at the air/water interface in oligoamine/SDS mixtures (view the PDF)

Hanyak, Myroslava: Surfactant spreading on spatially confined thin liquid films (view the PDF)

He, Yunfei: Adsorption of cationic gemini surfactant 12-2-12á2Br at the air/water interface (view the PDF)

Helm, Christiane A.: Interdiffusion in the outer zone of polyelectrolyte multilayers (view the PDF)

Helm, Christiane A.: Molecular Mechanisms of Phosphatidylcholine Monolayer Solidification due to Hydroxyl Radicals (view the PDF)

Hiltl, Stephanie: Controlling colloidal self-assembly: a combinatorial approach using wrinkle gradients (view the PDF)

Jordanova, Albena: How does Poloxamer 188 affect the surface properties of DPoPE monolayers? (view the PDF)

Karbaschi, Mohsen: Marangoni instabilities on a mobile surface, a combination of experimental and computational study (view the PDF)

Kovalchuk, Nina: Ionic strength and pH as tools to control spontaneous surface oscillations produced by dissolution of fatty acid under air/water interface (view the PDF)

Koynov, Kaloian: Studying liquid flow near solid surfaces by total internal reflection fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (TIR-FCCS) (view the PDF)

Kreuzer, Martin: Stabilization of lipid multilayer systems by polysaccharides (view the PDF)

Liedel, Clemens: Investigations on the Alignment of a Triblock Copolymer in Three Dimensions (view the PDF)

Loglio, Giuseppe: Properties of adsorption layers at fluid-fluid interfaces as studied by capillary-pressure tensiometry and liquid-film tensiometry (view the PDF)

Malysa, Kazimierz: Influence of electrolyte on velocity of the bubbles rising in solutions of sodium n-alkylsulfates (C8, C10, C12) (view the PDF)

Mezger, Markus: On the origin of the hydrophobic water gap (view the PDF)

Mikhailovskaya, Alesya: Protein unfolding at the liquid-gas interface as studied by dilational surface rheology (view the PDF)

Mileva, Elena: Adsorption layer properties and foam film drainage of aqueous solutions from ethyleneoxide monododecyl ethers: evidences for premicelles (view the PDF)

Moradi, Narges: Co-adsorption of alkane vapor from the gas phase and surfactants from the aqueous phases on the water-air interface (view the PDF)

Nagashima, Teruyoshi: Reaction mechanisms of phospholipase C on the surface of lipid film (view the PDF)

Noor El-Din, Mahmoud Reyad: Study on the stability of water–in–kerosene nano- emulsions and their dynamic surface properties (view the PDF)

Ramírez del Amo, Pablo: Dynamic interfacial tension of triblock copolymer solutions at the water-hexane interface (view the PDF)

Ramírez del Amo, Pablo: Non-ionic triblock copolymers at the oil-water interface: structure and properties (view the PDF)

Ravera, Francesca: Recent Developments in Models and Experimental Methods for Dilational Rheology of Mixed Particle- Surfactant Interfacial Layers (view the PDF)

Skorb, Ekaterina: Silicon structural properties design by ultrasonication (view the PDF)

Torcello-Gómez, Amelia: Interfacial study of a bile salt onto surfactant-covered oil-water interfaces (view the PDF)

Voigt, Axel: A continuum model for colloid-stabilized interfaces (view the PDF)

Wang, Dapeng: Diffusion of single nanoparticles at oil-water interfaces as revealed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Won, Jooyoung: Dynamics of liquid interfaces as studied by Drop and Bubble Micro Manipulator (view the PDF)

Wüstneck, Rainer: Conformation and interfacial properties of protein adsorption layers (view the PDF)

Yang, Jingfa: From mushroom to brush: the dynamics of single diblock copolymer chain at the liquid-liquid interface (view the PDF)

Zhao, Jiang: Hofmeister effect on surface dynamics of single chains of a polyelectrolyte (view the PDF)

Topic 2: Films, Foams, Emulsions
Baoukina, Svetlana: Domains in lipid monolayers (
view the PDF)

Belyaeva, Elena: Quantum-chemical description of the thermodynamic parameters of clusterization of trans-monoienic carbon acids at the air/water interface (view the PDF)

Besnard, Lucie: Emulsion inversion through a controlled process of multiple emulsions (view the PDF)

Blanco, Josmar: Effect of inorganic and organic bases on the formation, breaking and dehydration of extraheavy crude oil in water emulsion stabilized with Natural Surfactant (view the PDF)

Boos, Julia: Foam Properties of n-Dodecyl-β-D-Maltoside, Hexaethyleneglycol Monododecyl Ether, and their 1:1 mixture (view the PDF)

Bordes, Romain: Modified silica sols based emulsifiers (view the PDF)

Carlsson, Gunilla: Fluorescence microscopy – the most versatile tool for in situ investigation of colloids? (view the PDF)

Cohen, Rashel: Foam and wetting films stabilized with a dirhamnolipid biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas aeruguinosa strain BN10 (view the PDF)

Costa, Séverine: The rheology of soap films connected to Plateau borders (view the PDF)

Delahaije, Roy: Quantification of flocculation of protein-stabilized emulsion droplets (view the PDF)

Drelich, Audrey: Influence of added surfactant on composition ripening in O/W mixed emulsion stabilized by solid particles (view the PDF)

Drenckhan, Wiebke: Highly structured porous polymer materials from liquid foam templates (view the PDF)

Dutschk, Victoria: The role of emulsifier in stabilization of emulsions containing colloidal alumina particles (view the PDF)

Elgammal, Mahmoud: Nano-scale binding agents formation through miniemulsion polymerization and their application in textile coloration (view the PDF)

Ersoz, Mustafa: Patterning of albumin onto polyelectrolyte coated glass surface (view the PDF)

Fayad, Samira: Effect of Substrate and UV radiation dose on the orientation and quality of nanotemplates made after degradation of cylindrical domains of PS-PMMA nanofilms (view the PDF)

Fomina, Olena: Estimation of the Temperature Effect in the Monolayer Formation of Substituted Alkanes at the Air/Water Interface in the Frameworks of PM3 Method (view the PDF)

Fomina, Olena: Geometric Parameters of 2D Unit Cells of Crystalline Clusters of Substituted Alkanes at the Air/Water Interface Calculated Using the PM3 Method (view the PDF)

Francisco, Kelly: Drying pattern in latex thin films driven by a DC-electric field (view the PDF)

Geisel, Karen: Microgels at the Oil-Water Interface: Interfacial Rheology and Emulsion Stability (view the PDF)

Giner-Casares, Juan J.: Formation of well-defined aggregates of organic dyes driven by surface pressure in mixed Langmuir monolayers (view the PDF)

Girard, Luc: Fluorinated monolayer for metal ion extraction (view the PDF)

Gotchev, Georgi: Emulsion film properties as studied by interferometry (view the PDF)

Gubbuk, Ilkay Hilal: Preparation and characterization of a calixarene derivative compound Langmuir–Blodgett thin film (view the PDF)

Gunes, Deniz: Effect of film thickness, viscosity ratio and emulsifier on avalanches of coalescence events in emulsions (view the PDF)

Gunes, Deniz: Method for evaluating the Ostwald ripening kinetics of air microbubbles (view the PDF)

Gurkov, Theodor: Kinetics of bubble removal from turbulently mixed dispersions (view the PDF)

Haase, Martin F.: Partial hydrophobisation of rare earth oxide microparticles and up-take from foams (view the PDF)

Heidkamp, Hannah: Morphology of P3HT and PCBM blends in thin films obtained with different deposition methods (view the PDF)

Hiroki, Tetsuro: Miscibility in the Adsorbed Film of Hexadecane-1,16- diol and Perfluorodecane-1,10-diol mixture at the Hexane/Water Interface (view the PDF)

Hoyo, Javier: Organization and REDOX behaviour of UQ in DPPC films (view the PDF)

Jaksch, Sebastian: Thermo-Responsive Behavior of Poly(2-oxazolines) (view the PDF)

Jarek, Ewelina: Multilayer polyelectrolyte films with catalytic activity for biomedical applications (view the PDF)

Kasinos, Marios: Effect of phospholipid enriched dairy by-products on heat stability of recombined evaporated milk emulsions (view the PDF)

Kovalchuk, Volodymyr: Dilatational rheology of thin liquid films (view the PDF)

Köhler, Ralf: From Elastic Body to Viscous Fluid: How Charge Density and Ambient Vapour Humidity Are Influencing the Elastic Module of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers (view the PDF)

Krebs, Thomas: A Microfluidic Method To Study Demulsification Kinetics (view the PDF)

Lacava, Johann: Emulsion-templated assembly of nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Liggieri, Libero: Microgravity investigations on the physico-chemical properties of liquid films by the Liquid Film Tensiometer (LIFT) (view the PDF)

Lopes da Silva, Lucimara: Morphology of freeze-cast nanocomposites (view the PDF)

Löhmann, Oliver: Preparation of soft functional surfaces - responsive polymer layers (view the PDF)

Ma, Ning: Stimuli-Responsive Polyelectrolyte Films as Interlayers for Tunable Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence (view the PDF)

Malysa, Kazimierz: Influence of surface roughness and concentration of surface active substances on kinetics of the bubble attachment to hydrophobic solid (view the PDF)

Mileva, Elena: Probing self-assembly of star-like glycine compounds in aqueous media by microscopic foam film instrumentation (view the PDF)

Noda, Megumi: Study on the time evolution of the adsorbed film state of cationic surfactant by the addition of anionic surfactant (view the PDF)

Nollet, Maxime: Encapsulation of B12 vitamin in concentrated double emulsion (view the PDF)

Ozmen, Mustafa: Selective adsorption of bovine serum albumin on polyelectrolyte-coated glass substrates (view the PDF)

Pajor, Anna: Electroactive multilayer films formed from polyelectrolytes and Prussian Blue nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Parveen, Nagma: Polyelectrolyte Multilayer with Ionic Liquid (view the PDF)

Pereira, Juan: New methodology for evaluated spontaneous emulsification (view the PDF)

Petkova, Hristina: Foam and Emulsion Films Stabilized by Polyoxyalkylated Diethylenetriamine (DETA) Polymeric Surfactants (view the PDF)

Prochaska, Krystyna: Functionality of food grade chemically modified starches in the emulsion systems (view the PDF)

Reinheimer, Kathrin: FT-Rheology - a universal nonlinear mechanical characterization of polydisperse emulsions (view the PDF)

Roger, Kevin: Emulsification through rapid curvature changes: the PIT and PIC methods revisited (view the PDF)

Rommerskirchen, Renke: On phase behaviour and structure of microemulsions containing acetone (view the PDF)

Sabadini, Edvaldo: Blow-up of Soap Bubbles Containing Giant-Micelle (view the PDF)

Schmitt, Veronique: Elaboration and characterization of model porous polymer materials based on emulsions (view the PDF)

Schmitt, Veronique: Thermo-responsive microgel as Pickering emulsion stabilizers: particle adsorption and emulsion properties (view the PDF)

Schwarz, Simona: Pickering emulsion and their stability (view the PDF)

Schwieger, Christian: Organisation of amphiphilic liquid crystals at the air water interface (view the PDF)

Strobl, Markus: BioRef – a versatile time-of-flight reflectometer for soft matter applications at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin (view the PDF)

Szyk-Warszyńska, Lilianna Stability of PLL/Casein Multilayer Films in the Aqueous Media with Various pH Analyzed by Ellipsometry and QCM (view the PDF)

Takiue, Takanori: Surface Freezing of Binary Liquid Mixtures (view the PDF)

Thiesen, Peter H.: Current application of Brewster angle microscopy (view the PDF)

Todorov, Roumen: Inhibition of pulmonary surfactant studied by black foam film method (view the PDF)

Toktarbay, Zhekxenbek: Technology of keratin-based foam formers and it's properties (view the PDF)

Tottori, Takuya: Synergism of Fluorocarbon Compounds on Multilayer Formation at Hexane/Water Interface (view the PDF)

Ulaganathan, Vamseekrishna: Fundamentals of molecular flotation (view the PDF)

Vannozzi, Carolina: Relaxation of two colliding drops with trace amounts of insoluble surfactants (view the PDF)

Wellert, Stefan: Influence of surface hydrophobicity on the structure of bicontinuous microemulsions at solid surfaces (view the PDF)

Wellert, Stefan: A neutron spin echo spectroscopy study of droplet dynamics in hierarchically self-assembled systems (view the PDF)

Whitby, Catherine: Shear-Induced Coalescence of Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions (view the PDF)

Zawala, Jan: Influence of size of the liquid film formed on the bubble bouncing and coalescence at liquid/air interface (view the PDF)

Ziemecka, Iwona: All-aqueous core-shell emulsions by microfluidics (view the PDF)

Topic 3: Wetting, Spreading
Ally, Javed: Adhesion Force Measurements of Contact Lines Pinned at Edges (
view the PDF)

Amirfazli, Alidad: Model of Contact Angles of Surfactant Solution on Heterogeneous Surfaces with Adsorption to Three Interfaces (view the PDF)

Barauskas, Justas: Hydration of Lysozyme Studied by Vibrational Spectroscopy (view the PDF)

Berg, John: The Effect of Surface Chemistry and Roughness on the Nano-scale Wetting and Ordering of Fullerenes on Solid Substrates (view the PDF)

Bernardes, Juliana: Surfactant Self-Assembly on Substrates and the Dewetting Process (view the PDF)

Bonaccurso, Elmar: Spontaneous spreading of drops of solvents and non-solvents on deformable polymer surfaces (view the PDF)

Corso, Rémi: Surfs: New generation of microscope slides for nanometric characterization with an optical microscope (view the PDF)

Dopierala, Katarzyna: Superhydrophobic glass surfaces (view the PDF)

Emelyanenko, Alexandre: Analysis of Long-Term Durability of Superhydrophobic Properties under Continuous Contact with Water (view the PDF)

Emelyanenko, Alexandre: Wetting and electrochemical properties of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings on metals (view the PDF)

Goedel, Werner: Particle assisted wetting (view the PDF)

Helm, Christiane A.: The outermost layer of polyelectrolyte multilayers: from odd-even to even-odd effect (view the PDF)

Kalogianni, Eleni P.: Automation of optical measurements analysis in dynamic wicking (view the PDF)

Kovalchuk, Volodymyr: Ions redistribution and meniscus relaxation during Langmuir wetting process (view the PDF)

Leese, Hannah: From Wenzel to Cassie: What are the wetting properties of anodized alumina? (view the PDF)

Niecikowska, Anna: Role of surface charge and hydrophobicity in formation of three phase contact at titania surface (view the PDF)

Nowicka, Grazyna: Nonequilibrium wetting phenomena with droplet and surface inhomogeneities of the same size range (view the PDF)

Radoev, Boryan: Role of surfactants on wetting kinetics (view the PDF)

Radoev, Boryan: Cleaning properties of ionic liquids (view the PDF)

Semenov, Sergey: Influence of contact angle and temperature on evaporation of sessile liquid droplets (view the PDF)

Takaichi, Tetsumasa: Phase Transition of Mixed Alkane Wetting Films on Surfactant Aqueous Solution (view the PDF)

Topic 4: Particles, Nanoparticles, Capsules, Dispersions (second part)
Aidarova, Saule: The new approach of colloidal sulfur obtaining (
view the PDF)

Akcakayiran, Dilek: Nanoporous ceramic particles as containers for anti- corrosion agents and their use in active self healing anticorrosion coatings (view the PDF)

Asanuma, Hidehiko: A peculiar self-assembly at air-water interface: spontaneous formation of hexagonally arranged anisotropic microparticles (view the PDF)

Bärsch, Niko: Ligand-free metal nanoparticles from laser ablation (view the PDF)

Blasi, Laura: A Novel pH-responsive Nanogel for the Controlled Uptake and Release of Hydrophobic and Cationic Solutes (view the PDF)

Block, Stephan: AFM-based method for imaging and magnetic characterization of isolated nanoparticles with nanometer lateral resolution (view the PDF)

Böker, Alexander: Directing the Self-Assembly of Hybrid (Bio)Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Bourezg, Zouaoui: Redispersible lipidic nanoparticles obtained by Fluid Bed Drying (view the PDF)

Boutonnet, Magali: CuO-CeO2 and CuO-ZnO nanoparticles prepared from a novel oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method: their use as catalyst in water-gas shift reaction (view the PDF)

Brüx, Roland: Janus particle preparation via electrospinning (view the PDF)

Bunjes, Heike: The physical state of lipid nanoparticles affects their in vitro cell compatibility (view the PDF)

Caminati, Gabriella: Hybrid nanoarchitectures for PhOLED devices (view the PDF)

Cappelletti, Giuseppe: Bare and Ag-doped MnO2 powders as electrocatalysts for Li/Air cathode batteries (view the PDF)

Carl, Adrian: Growth of gold nanorods in pNIPAM microgels (view the PDF)

Carlsson, Gunilla: A model system for understanding the distribution of fines in a paper structure using fluorescence microscopy (view the PDF)

Castillo, Sonja: Cubic colloids for cubicle membranes (view the PDF)

Csapó, Edit: Characterization of biofunctionalized noble metal nanoparticles for biomedical and sensor applications (view the PDF)

Delgado, Angel V.: Evaluation of the permittivity and dynamic mobility of concentrated suspensions of polyelectrolyte brushes (view the PDF)

Deng, Xu: Transparent, thermally stable and mechanically robust superhydrophobic surfaces made from porous silica capsules (view the PDF)

Dobrowolska, Marta: Optimal Ionic Strength for Non-Ionic Polymerization (view the PDF)

Dubbert, Janine: Heterogeneous nucleation of soft spheres (view the PDF)

Ehlert, Sascha: Versatile route to polymer-compatible nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Eisermann, Claudia: Dispersing and stabilization of carbon black with CTAB (view the PDF)

Eisermann, Claudia: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Colloidal Stability of Nanoparticles – a General Interpretation Based on Stability Maps (view the PDF)

Ertekin, Betul: Formation of protein micropatterns using polymeric colloidal particles (view the PDF)

Eyssautier, Joelle: Aggregation behaviour of a natural polydisperse material: petroleum asphaltenes (view the PDF)

Fall, Andreas: Preparation of cellulose nanofibril-based hollow shells using the Layer-by-Layer deposition technique (view the PDF)

Feitosa, Eloi: Effects of NaCl on the thermal behavior of DODAB vesicles (view the PDF)

Fernández- Barbero, Antonio: Double swelling and structural properties of PNiPAM- PEG microgels (view the PDF)

Ferrari, Michele: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) studies of model pulmonary surfactant in presence of nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Ferrari, Michele: Interfacial properties and AFM studies of soot nanoparticles in foams and emulsions stability (view the PDF)

Findenegg, Gerhard: Protein-induced aggregation of silica nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Frühbeißer, Sabine: Catalytic activity of supramolecular porphyrin- cylindrical polyelectrolyte brush nanoparticles in aqueous solution (view the PDF)

Ganas, Carolin: Formation of inter-polyelectrolyte complex micelles (view the PDF)

Giacomelli, Fernando: Tumor-Targeting Block Copolymer Micelles Based on a pH-Responsive PDPA Core as a Potential Tool for Cancer Therapy (view the PDF)

Grimm, Philipp: Process development to obtain high-quality organosols (view the PDF)

Gromadzki, Daniel: Soft Nanostructured Films and Stimuli-Sensitive Nanoparticles Through Nitroxide-Mediated Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (view the PDF)

Hamad, Shwan: Microencapsulation of probiotics in sporopollenin microcapsules (view the PDF)

Hauschild, Stephan: One-step fabrication of polymersomes and emulsions using inkjets (view the PDF)

Häuser, Manuel: pH-tunable properties of polyacrylic acid adsorbed to surface modified poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Hebrant, Marc: Kinetics of the complexation of Ni2+ ions by 5-phenyl- azo-8-hydroxyquinoline grafted on colloidal silica particles (view the PDF)

Hofmann, Christian: Changes in Hydration of Cononsolvency-Showing Polymers and Copolymers (view the PDF)

Holmqvist, Peter: Rotational, self and collective diffusion in charged colloidal platelet solutions (view the PDF)

Jaworski, Wiktor: Gold nanoparticles formation via Au(III) ions reduction with glucose in the batch and in the flow microreactor systems (view the PDF)

Joksimovic, Rastko: Synthesis and functionalization of silica nanoparticles, and their interaction with poly(acrylic acid) and cells (view the PDF)

Jorge, Andreia: Compaction and decompaction of DNA : The use of cation/polycation mixtures (view the PDF)

Kiss, Éva: Membrane affinity of antituberculotic drug candidates (view the PDF)

Kiss, Éva: Biocompatible and biodegradable drug delivery system for encapsulation of antituberculotic agents (view the PDF)

Kolaric, Branko: Colloidal crystal: Molding Optical Properties Of Light by Colloidal Ordering and by Surface Morphology (view the PDF)

Kooij, E.S.: From nanorods to nanostars: Tuning the optical properties of gold nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Kosmulski, Marek: Zeta potentials of kaolinite and montmorillonite in concentrated solutions of various 1-1 electrolytes (view the PDF)

Kraus, Tobias: Particle assembly at and beneath the gas-liquid interface (view the PDF)

Kubovcikova, Martina: Magnetic nanoparticles modified with polyethylene glycol (view the PDF)

Kun, Robert: Structural and thermoelectric characterization of Ba(II) substituted LaCoO3 perovskite materials obtained by polymerized gel combustion method (view the PDF)

Kupetz, Eva: Passive loading of lipid nanoparticles with poorly water soluble drugs (view the PDF)

Lang, Thomas: Multifunctional, Polymeric Nanoparticles in Biological Environments (view the PDF)

Latnikova, Alexandra: Morphology of polymeric microcontainers prepared via interfacial polymerization method (view the PDF)

Latsuzbaia, Roman: Self-Healing and – Assembling Regenerative Electrode for Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (view the PDF)

Lattuada, Marco: Novel porous ceramic materials via magnetically driven self-assembly of non-magnetic nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Lau, Marcus: Laser-assisted synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Lavaud, Cyril: Removal of organic substances from aqueous solutions by sol gel reaction (view the PDF)

Lemke, Karina: Formation of nanoparticles in reverse microemulsions using poly(ethyleneimine) and maltose-modified poly(ethyleneimine) (view the PDF)

Li, Zifu: Chemistry and physics of monodisperse micro-sized PNIPAM microgels (view the PDF)

Lim, Hyung Jun: Double-layered polymeric capsules for the stabilization of Broussonetia kazinoki root extract (view the PDF)

Lötzsch, Detlef: Preparation of core/shell particles and their thermotropic behaviour in a resin matrix (view the PDF)

Lugo, Dersy: Swelling/Deswelling Kinetics of PNIPAM Microgels in Mixed Solvents (view the PDF)

Luigjes, Bob: Analytical centrifugation with an upgraded 'food stability analyzer' to determine the equations of state of concentrated colloidal nanoparticle dispersions (view the PDF)

Majee, Arghya: Selective transport of hot colloids due to the electrolyte Seebeck Effect (view the PDF)

Majee, Arghya: Collective thermo-electrophoresis of charged colloids (view the PDF)

Mallardi, Antonia: Optical assay for sugar determination based on gold nanoparticles synthesis (view the PDF)

Maltas, Esra: Immobilization of bovine serum albumin on nanoparticles (view the PDF)

Mantion, Alexandre: New chiral peptide-coated silver nanoparticles for Material Science and Toxicology (view the PDF)

Meroni, Daniela: Modulation of the interfacial features of nanometric TiO2 by template-mediated synthesis (view the PDF)

Meroni, Daniela: The role of the nitrogen source in affecting the features of second generation photocatalysts (view the PDF)

Mészáros, Robert: Self-assemblies of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and surfactants in the presence of neutral amphiphilic block copolymers (view the PDF)

Micali, Norberto Liborio: Scattering Enhancement in a colloidal metal-organic composite (view the PDF)

Mileva, Elena: Bulk and interfacial characteristics of aqueous solutions containing shaggy nanoparticles of PNIPAM-g-PEO copolymer (view the PDF)

Minatti, Edson: Partial corona degradation and full core cross-linking of PS-PMMA micelles upon UV exposition in solution (view the PDF)

Mureşan, Laura: Probing conformational changes of adsorbed nanosized polyamidoamine dendrimers at water-silica interfaces (view the PDF)

Topic 8: Surface Forces
Berger, Rüdiger: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Liquids (
view the PDF)

Boinovich, Ludmila: Calculation of van der Waals forces in free and wetting films on the basis of microscopic approach with accounting for the many-body interaction (view the PDF)

Lüderitz, Liset: Force measurements between colloidal particles across aqueous electrolytes using CP-AFM (view the PDF)

Lyklema, Johannes: Entropies and enthalpies in the surface of electrolyte solutions (view the PDF)

Materna, Katarzyna: Surface tension measurements of piperidinium ionic liquids (view the PDF)

Mattia, Davide: Beyond the slip length – using surface forces to explain ultra-high flow rates in carbon nanotubes (view the PDF)

Noskov, Sergey: Determination of Hamaker constants of polymeric nanoparticles by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (view the PDF)

Pettersson, Torbjorn: Particle adhesion and imaging of particle/surface contact zone (view the PDF)

Polat, Mehmet: Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for Determination of Surface Potential on Oxide in Aqueous Solution (view the PDF)

Pussak, Daniel: Soft colloidal hydrogels as force probes for AFM based biosensing (view the PDF)

Stangner, Tim: Forces of Interaction between Blank, Grafted and Blank-Grafted Colloids by Using Optical Tweezers (view the PDF)

Tan, Sin-Ying: Nano-mechanical properties of Pickering emulsions (view the PDF)

Vakili Tahami, Seyed Hamed: Aggregation and Charging Behavior of Polydisperse and Monodisperse Colloidal Epoxy-Amine Adducts (view the PDF)

Vannozzi, Carolina: Analytic expressions for the disjoining pressure between particle-stabilized fluid–fluid interfaces and composite materials (view the PDF)

Wagner, Carolin: Dynamic force spectroscopy on the binding of antibodies and tau peptides (view the PDF)

Yelken, Gulnihal Ozek: A novel technique to determine surface potential distribution of oxide under aqueous solution single crystal substrate (view the PDF)

Zeng, Yan: Investigation of interaction across the thin liquid film of colloidal suspensions by CP-AFM (view the PDF)

Wednesday – Oral Sessions
PL 3 Derek Chan - Dynamic force measurements in soft systems (
view the PDF)

KN St. Förster - Assembling amphiphilic colloids into crystalline and quasi- crystalline structures (view the PDF)

KN W. Steffen - Influence of the proximity of a solid surface on relaxation behaviour of complex systems (view the PDF)

KN M. Krasowska - Absolute surface separation in AFM measurement in systems involving soft bodies (view the PDF)

J. Gauczinski - Surface Molecular Imprinting in Layer-by-Layer Films on Silica Particles (view the PDF)

E. Wanless - Stimulus- Responsive Polymer Brushes as Probed Using QCM-D (view the PDF)

R. Manica - Experiments and theory on simultaneous measurements of forces and separation using i-AFM (view the PDF)

D. Borisova - Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Active Corrosion Protection (view the PDF)

L. Cristofolini - Heterogeneous dynamics and superdiffusion in a 2D model system (view the PDF)

P. Tayati - Photon Pressure AFM: A Novel Dynamic Force Microscopy Investigation of Small Molecular Ensembles (view the PDF)

M. Karg - Melting/recrystallization of colloidal crystals from Gold- Poly-Nisopropylacrylamide core-shell particles (view the PDF)

N. Mucic - Optimum selection of experimental tools for studies of surfactants' adsorption kinetics and dilational rheology (view the PDF)

St. Block - Equilibrium and non-equilibrium features in the structure of physisorbed poly(styrene-sulfonate) layers (view the PDF)

B. Luigjes - Diverging Geometric and Magnetic Size Distributions of Colloidal Iron Oxide Nanocrystals (view the PDF)

I. Siretanu - Water-Ions Induced Nanostructuration of Hydrophobic Polymer Surfaces (view the PDF)

R. Walsh - Surface force measurements between titania surfaces prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition in aqueous electrolyte and CTAB solutions (view the PDF)

M. Matsubara - Liquid- crystalline Organic-inorganic Hybrid Dendrimer: Dendron- promoted Self-organization of Gold Nanosphere (view the PDF)

E. Kalogianni - Dynamic interfacial tension of dietary oils - relation to oil quality (view the PDF)

V. Kuznetsov - Adhesion on modified electrodes – mechanisms and applications (view the PDF)

A. Musyanovych - Adsorption of proteins on nanoparticles: effect of surface functionality, total charge and pH (view the PDF)

M. Karbaschi - Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry under Dynamic Conditions for Measuring the Surface Tension of Liquids (view the PDF)

H. Christenson - Nucleation of crystals without supersaturation of the vapour phase (view the PDF)

Thursday – Oral Sessions
PL 4 Krister Holmberg - Amino acid-based surfactants (
view the PDF)

KN E. Bonaccurso - Superviscosity and electroviscous effects at an electrode/aqueous electrolyte interface: An atomic force microscope study (view the PDF)

KN F. Cousin - Precipitation vs complex coacervation in proteins/polyelectrolyte lysozyme-based complexes of opposite charge: the influence of polyelectrolyte charge density and stiffness (view the PDF)

KN G. Andersson - Determining Concentration Depth Profiles in Thin Foam Films with Neutral Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (view the PDF)

C. Whitby - Thixotropic Behaviour of Laponite- Stabilised Emulsions (view the PDF)

J. Polte - Fundamental Principles of Metal Nanoparticle Growth (view the PDF)

R. Köhler – Polyelectrolyte Multilayer under Mechanical Stress: How the Internal Structure Follows External Load (view the PDF)

C. Üzüm - Elastic/viscoelastic properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer films as measured by AFM nanoindentation (view the PDF)

F. Polzer - Synthesis of Zwitterionic Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes by ATRP and Their Solution Behaviour in Water (view the PDF)

K. Sakamoto - Spontaneous Formation of nano to macro W/O emulsions by AIM (view the PDF)

B. Noskov - Dilational surface viscoelasticity of polyelectrolyte/ surfactant solutions: formation of heterogeneous adsorption layers (view the PDF)

S. Prévost - On the packing parameter for non- equilibrium systems: Narrow-disperse frozen micelles from triblock terpolymers (view the PDF)

E. Blomberg - Polyelectrolyte multilayers based on poly- beta-cyclodextrin polymers (view the PDF)

G. Gassin - Interfacial dynamic in liquid/liquid extraction processes probed by non-linear optics (view the PDF)

A.-S. Robbes - Controlled polystyrene grafted maghemite nanoparticles for magnetic nanocomposites (view the PDF)

N. Kristen-Hochrein - Oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures in foam films: Effect of molecular weight (view the PDF)

R.-M. Guillermic-Limpalaër - From the Thermal Responsivity of a Model Polymer to Responsive Interfaces, Foams and Gels (view the PDF)

J. Rodríguez-Fernández - Tuning the Optical Properties of Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals (view the PDF)

F. Boulmedais - Electrochemically triggered self-constructing films: a one-pot morphogen-driven buildup (view the PDF)

D. Kleshchanok - Arrest vs. Collapse of clay suspensions (view the PDF)

N. Sporenberg - Nanostructure and permeability of poly- electrolyte multilayer capsules: An electron microscopy and PFG-NMR study (view the PDF)

W. Drenckhan - Elucidating the properties of foams stabilised by mixtures of nano-particles and oppositely charged amphiphiles (view the PDF)

KN W. Norde - Protein complexation with soil compounds (view the PDF)

P. Kwaśniewski - Interplay of dynamics and rheology in concentrated colloids and colloid- polymer mixtures under flow (view the PDF)

C. Stefaniu - Stimuli- Responsive magnetite nanoparticle monolayers: hydration and conformational changes of the copolymer shell (view the PDF)

O. Diat - Active water-oil interface: model systems for evaluating the acti- vity of a complexing agent for liquid/liquid extraction (view the PDF)

F. Lang - Colloid formation in soils (view the PDF)

P. Degen - Influence of Particle/Surfactant Interaction on the Interfacial Rheology (view the PDF)

A. Synytska - Amphiphilic Core- Shell Janus Particles Towards Design of Multifunctional Materials (view the PDF)

M. Duits - Formation of solid metal stearate layers at the decane/water interface (view the PDF)

S. Gleber - New developments in hard X-ray fluores- cence microscopy to visualize trace element distributions in aqueous systems of soil colloids (view the PDF)

J. Oberdisse - Colloidal grain boundaries deco- rated by nanoparticles: a multi-scale study by confocal microscopy, very small angle light scattering, and contrast- variation SANS (view the PDF)

M. Zeiser - Smart core-shell microgels with linear temperature sensitivity (view the PDF)

S. Engelskirchen - Structure and droplet dynamics in emulsified microemulsions (view the PDF)

G. Brezesinski - Biomolecules at synthetic bioactive surfaces (view the PDF)

M. Obiols-Rabasa - Depletion interactions in microgel systems (view the PDF)

M. Haase - Modifications of solid surfaces for the fabrication of particle stabilized oil in water emulsions and their application for encapsulation of active molecules in anti-corrosive coatings (view the PDF)

M. Gradzielski - Aspects of formation and structure of nano- emulsions produced by the PIC method (view the PDF)

K.-U. Totsche - Colloid facilitated transport processes in soils (view the PDF)

F. Plamper - Microenvironment induces formation of unimolecular micelles: hydrophobic compartmentalization of poly(propylene oxide) at higher segment densities of adjacent water-soluble polymer chains (view the PDF)

B. Vincent - Photo- responsive properties of poly(NIPAM-co-AAc) microgel particles with absorbed, hydrophobically- modified organic salts (view the PDF)

S. Stoyanov - Foam Stabilisation Using Shape-Anisotropic Bio-Materials (view the PDF)

J. Venzmer - Superspreading of trisiloxane surfactant solutions – Effective wetting of plants and soil (view the PDF)

K. Roger - Superswollen Microemulsions (view the PDF)

M. Wiemann - Effect of cross- link density on reentrant melting of microgel colloids (view the PDF)

D. Fell - Influence of Surfactant Concentration on Forced Dynamic Wetting and Dewetting (view the PDF)

M. Trebbin - Particle- orientation control in microfluidic devices (view the PDF)

A. Wittemann - Building colloidal architectures with nanoparticles (view the PDF)

L. Boinovich - Wetting and surface forces (view the PDF)

D. Vollhardt - Effect of Substituent Position in an Amide Amphiphile on the Monolayer Characteristics: Unexpected Phenomena (view the PDF)

X. Wu - Multiple Drug Delivery Carriers Prepared by Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Copolymers with Surfactants (view the PDF)

G. Cappelletti - Organic- inorganic hybrids: the role played by surface energy and structure of the hydrophobizing molecules (view the PDF)

O. Ueberschär - Drag reduction by DNA-grafting for single microspheres in a dilute ¥-DNA solution (view the PDF)

St. Wunder - Model Reaction studied on Faceted Gold Nanoparticles (view the PDF)

R. Crawford - Bacterial Retention on Superhydrophobic Titanium Surfaces (view the PDF)

I. Hoffmann - Structure and Dynamics of Polyelectrolytes in Aggregates with oppositely charged Surfactants (view the PDF)

M. Morán - Hemocompatibility and cytotoxicity assessments of protein-DNA particles as controlled DNA delivery systems (view the PDF)

C. Jin - Nucleation and melting behavior at the transition from low - dimensionality systems to bulk (view the PDF)

Friday – Oral Sessions
PL 5 Bernhard Binks (Rhodia Prize) - Particles at fluid interface (
view the PDF)

A. Amirfazli - Detecting Surfactant Concentration by Contact Angle Observations (view the PDF)

E. Guzmán - Impact of Nanoparticles in the Interfacial Properties of Pulmonary Surfactant-Like Monolayers: Equilibrium and Dynamical Features (view the PDF)

D.-F. Anghel - Investigating self-assembled media of polymers and surfactants by nonradiative energy transfer (view the PDF)

M. Connah - A novel accessory for the measurement of surface zeta potential using laser doppler electrophoresis (view the PDF)

Ch. Chassenieux - static and dynamic properties of polymeric worm-like micelles (view the PDF)

P. Thiesen - Combined QCM-D and imaging ellipsometry (view the PDF)

J. Carlstedt - Differences in cyclodextrin solubility determines the phase behavior of ternary DTA-DNA:cyclodextrin:water systems (view the PDF)

A. Dar - Influence of Gemini and conventional surfactants in their single and mixed states on the interfacial and physicochemical properties of BSA (view the PDF)

PL 6 Heinz Hoffmann (Overbeek Medal) - A personal view of my 35 years of research in surfactant science: from my start until to my recent work (view the PDF)

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