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Organizing Committee

Marion Baillot
Valérie Héroguez
Stéphane Mornet
Reiko Oda
Serge Ravaine
Valérie Ravaine
Jean-Baptiste Salmon
Véronique Schmitt
Stéphane Ugazio

Scientific Committee

S. Armes, United Kingdom
S. Bon, United Kingdom
H. Cölfen, Germany
N. Denkov, Bulgaria
O. Glatter, Austria
K. Landfester, Germany
D. Langevin, France
E. Marques, Portugal
U. Olsson, Sweden
V. Paunov, United Kingdom
P. Perrin, France
W. Richtering,Germany
P. Scheffold, Switzerland
C. Solans, Spain
O. Velev, United States
T. Zemb, France

Scientific Sessions

    Interfaces, Membranes, Films, Emulsions and Foams
    Self-Assembly of Surfactants, Lipids and Polymers
    Dynamics of Colloids and Complex Fluids
    Polymers, Gels and Phase Behaviour
    Biocolloids and Bioinspired Materials
    Micro- and Nanostructured Materials
    Environmental Colloid Science
    Active colloids
    Modelling and Simulation of Colloidal Systems
    Microdroplets and Microfluidics
    Colloidal Particles: Synthesis, Assembly and Organized Systems
    Concentrated Colloidal Systems
    Polymer Particles: Synthesis and Applications
    COST CM1101 Session

Invited Speakers

A. van Blaaderen (Utrecht) "Surprises in the Self-Assembly of Hard Spheres in Spherical Confinement and Long-Ranged Repulsive Rods in an Electric Field"

L. Leibler (Paris) "From physics of adhesion to organ repair"

M. Corti (Messina, Milan) "Surface Properties of Gas Bubbles in Liquids Studied with a New Laser Interferometric Technique"

P.S. Doyle (Cambridge, USA) "Microfluidics: a tool to design and study new soft matter materials"

2015 Overbeek Lecture:

B.W. Ninham (Canberra) "Wither colloid science? Imagining the future"

ECIS-Solvay Lecture:
J. Eastoe (Bristol) "Surfactants at the Design Limit"

Program and Abstracts

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