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Organizing Committee

Michal Borkovec

Robert Gurny

Georg Papastavrou

Didier Perret

Scientific Committee

Eric Allémann, University of Geneva
Martien A. Cohen Stuart, University of Wageningen
Imre Dekany, University of Szeged
Roque Hidalgo-Álvarez, University of Granada
Otto Glatter, University of Graz
Rüdiger Iden, BASF, Ludwigshafen
Jörg Kreuter, University of Frankfurt
Marie Paule Pileni, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Peter Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg
Brian Vincent, University of Bristol
Hakan Wennerström, University of Lund

Plenary and Keynote Lectures

Bo Jönsson (Lund) "The interaction of highly charged particles or macromolecules"

Thomas Kissel (Marburg) "Polymeric nano-carriers for pulmonary drug and gene delivery"

Zbigniew Adamczyk (Crakow) "Adsorption of colloid particles at heterogeneous surfaces bearing sites of various shapes"

Luc Belloni (Saclay) "Ion specificity in bulk electrolytes and at interfaces: Ionic adsorption measurements and continuous vs discrete solvent description"

Clemens Bechinger (Stuttgart) "Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces"

Shimon Benita (Jerusalem) "The influence of surface charge on the nanoparticle endocytosis mechanism"

Alexander Florence (London) "Adhesion, aggregation, flow and diffusion in nanocarrier targeting and drug delivery"

Stephan Förster (Hamburg) "Ghost-peaks, aligning, and twinning: Ordering in self-assembled soft materials"

Pavel Jungwirth (CPrague) "Water surface is acidic"

Dominique Langevin (Paris) "Polyelectrolyte/surfactant aggregates: Influence of the polymer backbone rigidity"

Henk Lekkerkerker (Utrecht) "Gelation versus liquid crystal phase transitions in suspensions of charged colloidal platelets"

Martin Leser (Lausanne) "Soft matters in food"

Helmuth Möhwald (Golm) "From monolayers to polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules"

Jens Rieger (Ludwigshafen) "Precursor structures in crystallization/precipitation processes and control of particle formation by polyelectrolytes"
Peter Schurtenberger (Fribourg) "Dynamical arrest in colloidal suspensions: From Wigner glasses to viscoelastic phase separation"
Robert Thomas (Oxford) "The interaction of polyelectrolytes and surfactants at interfaces"
Marcus Textor (Zürich) "Design of biointerfaces at the micro- and nanoscale: Application to 2D surfaces and 3D objects"

Program and Abstracts from Geneva 2007

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