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    The ECIS-Lyklema Prize is granted to an ECIS scientist with proven scientific excellence who additionally devoted long-time, sustained and exceptional efforts to ECIS organizational activities and colloid community development.

    The ECIS-Lyklema prize will be awarded every 4-5 years at the decision of the ECIS Board (President, Past President and President Elect). The nominations are judged by a committee chaired by the ECIS President, and includes also the ECIS Past President and President-Elect, one former prize awardee, and three ECIS Past Presidents/Honorary Members.

    The prize is at the amount of 3,000 €, taken from the ECIS account. It will be combined with a special plenary lecture + ceremony at the current ECIS Conference, and a lifetime ECIS membership, and will be presented by the ECIS President at a session of the annual ECIS Conference.


2020 Prof. Peter Kralchevsky (Sofia)
For his influential works in the area of colloid and interface science and for his paramount dedication to the Society activities.