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Organizing Committee

Luciano Galantini
Simona Sennato
Mauro Giustini
Nicolae Viorel Pavel
Roberta Angelini
Cecilia Bombelli
Emanuela Zaccarelli
Federico Bordi
Giovanna Mancini
Camillo La Mesa
Nicoletta Gnan
Claudio Maggi
Silvia Capuani
Mauro Missori
Lorenzo Rovigatti
Francesco Di Pascasio (webmaster)

Scientific Committee

J. K. G. Dhont, Germany
F. Sciortino, Italy
L. De Cola, France
J. Eastoe, United Kingdom
W. Poon, United Kingdom
R. Mezzenga, Switzerland
K. Schillen, Sweden
R. Pons, Spain
M. Schonoff, Germany
E. Mileva, Bulgaria
G. Franeto, France
P. Bagioni,Italy
B. Nystrom, Norway
I. Varga, Hungary
M. Bester-Rogac, Slovenia
R. De Sousa Dias, Norway
A. J. M. Valente, Portugal
B. Ruzicka, Italy
Z. Adamczyk, Poland
A. Salvati, The Netherlands
M. Cardenas Gomez, Sweden
J. Vazquez Tata, Spain
G. J. M. Koper, The Netherlands
A. Blume, Germany
S. Magdassi, Israel
J. Skov Pedersen, Denmark
M. Kleijn, The Netherlands

Scientific Sessions

    Interfaces, Membranes, Emulsions and Foams
    Colloidal Dispersions and Colloidal Stability
    Polymer Solutions, Gels and Phase Behaviour
    Micro- and Nanostructured Materials
    Biomaterials and Medical Aspects

Invited Speakers

D. Pine (New York) "DNA-directed self-assembly of colloidal crystals"

K. Stebe (Philadelphia) "Curvature-driven fluxes of colloids"

M. Stevens (London) "Nanomaterials for biosensing and regenerative medicine"

L. Manna (Genova) "Chemical, structural and surface transformations in nanocrystals"

2016 Overbeek Lecture:
P. Bagioni (Firenze) "A journey through time and length scales in colloid sciencs"

ECIS-Solvay Lecture:
S. Magdassi (Jerusalem) "Nanomaterials for functional and 3D printing"

Young Investigator Training Program.

Program and Abstracts

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